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Rome, Italy

We explored Rome today, and must say that I absolutely loved The Spanish Steps. It was just lovely. We drank from the Barcaccia Fountain...and then headed out for a fantastic night of singing, dancing and eating Italian food. The restaurant was lovely. We had several courses; antipasto, pasta, main (eggplant parmigiana), dessert. The restaurant was very busy. They have tables and chairs out the front of the hotel in lines, about 8 lines. There are tables with 2 chairs and they are all facing the front. We've seen this a lot in Italy. We had a private room in the restaurant. It had a retractable roof which they opened up later in the evening and we had a musician playing. We danced and had a lovely time. Matt even sang along with the pianist who was playing. It was a great night with lovely people.

Did I mention we are staying at The Church Palace. It's a beautiful hotel and Matt was thrilled to find a coffee machine in our room. We've certainly made ourselves at home here and are enjoying Italy.


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