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Noumea, New Caledonia

We travelled overnight from Lifou to Noumea. We awoke to the chants of the original owners performing a welcome dance....on the grounds of the shipping container yard we had docked in. The ship is too big to dock at the usual berth. So, we stood on our balconies and watched the dance, and clapped when they finished.

We had booked the city tour and aquarium visit, so we were picked up in a bus and headed off. We headed up to the top of a hill which had great views over the area. There was a canon up there, a monument to the Australian and New Zealand army. Our tour guide said that the community was very grateful and that American soldiers had also been stationed there. The hospital that they built was still used as a maternity ward today.

They have a beautiful coral reef, 2nd in size to Australia and very well protected.

We visited their aquarium which has a turtle rescue program, then walked down to Citron Bay and had a salad roll in a cafe before going for a swim. Citron Bay has a couple of pontoons, so Matt and I swam out and jumped off.


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