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Hamilton Island, Qld

This is our first time to Hamilton Island. As we flew in we could see all the gorgeous islands. We walked straight through the airport, hopped onto our waiting bus and were at our hotel in no time. We wandered down and picked up our buggy and then did a quick trip around the island, stopping to admire the view at One Tree Hill. When we returned, we checked into our hotel and were stunned at the brilliant view over the Coral Sea. We grabbed our bathers and went for a swim at the resort centre and then had a drink at the swim up bar and did a lovely long swim around the circle pool as we sipped.

In the evening, we headed up to One Tree Hill, where everybody meets to see the sun set.

One of the benefits of traveling within Australia is working in the same time-zone and using hot-spotting to your phone without the added international usage charge. As I usually do when I travel, I did some work late in the evening and plan to be up early to get more done so that I can enjoy the day on the island.


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