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Merimbula, NSW

Merimbula is always a super-easy place to work from for me. There's reliable internet, no time-zone difference and we stay in an apartment which makes it easy to set up my office.

Last year, Mum and I jumped off the jetty together. It was near the end of our Merimbula holiday, and I knew Mum always wanted to jump, so I said to her "let's jump off the jetty". Mum was starting treatment for cancer (the treatment was still unknown) and I just didn't know if she would ever get the chance to jump. It was late in the afternoon, and we ran along the jetty and leapt into the water. It was wonderful. Perfect.

So, a year later and Mum is healthy, cancer free and we are all excited to jump off the jetty! We arranged to meet at 8am. Then, Mum, Kate and I held hands and jumped. The water is always perfect!

Later, Mum and Dad held hands and did the jump too. Beautiful.


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