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Lucerne, Switzerland

Beautiful Lucerne. We took the cog-wheel train to the summit of Mount Pilatus, cruised on Lake Lucerne and visited Engelberg. We were lucky enough to stay at the Hotel Europe which is our very favorite hotel ever. Our room was spacious, with a perfect view of the lake. We were lucky enough to have the corner suite, with three balconies.

We headed up Mount Pilatus by cog wheel train which I think means it can go up a mountain at ridiculous angles 😳. We spent some time at the summit before coming down in a gondola which was amazing. Then, we drove to Engelberg and had a tour of this gorgeous town in a horse drawn carriage, followed by lunch (in a barn). A spot of shopping and then a cruise of Lake Lucerne...and I'm laying on the bed about to order room service because I'm not going anywhere else today!


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