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Lifou, New Caledonia

We had a wonderful day on Lifou. We woke to find ourselves arriving in Lifou. One end of the island looked like a whales head and we could see coconut trees and beautiful beaches.

We boarded a tender and headed to the jetty, then walked up through the shopping centre which was a grass hut. Stall holders were selling sarongs, towels, shirts, braiding hair and giving massages. We had a look around and then headed to the main beach. The water was warm and we enjoyed swimming there. After we had cooled off, we walked up the hill and over to the other side of the island. The locals have set up a platform with steps so that you can get to the water easily, charge $15 and ask that you don't stand on the coral or wear sun screen.

The water was, again, lovely and warm. We swam around, spotting coral and fish everywhere. It was a little cove with rocks and caves around the outside. We got some amazing photos and videos of the fish!


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