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Lake Taupo, New Zealand

We had breaky at the Polynesian spa this morning, followed by a lovely time in a private spa overlooking Lake Rotorua. It was beautiful.

On our way from Rotorua to Taupo we stopped for a cuppa at a geo thermal place and had a cup of tea on their deck overlooking a waterfall. We met a lovely couple from Auckland who had just stayed in Lake Taupo the night before and told us they allowed vans after 7pm to camp along the lake frontage. So, we decided we would check it out.

Matt did his bungee jump at Taupo, which was a stunning gorge. It was a great set up and I walked down to the lower viewing platform so that I could see him jump.

We had dinner on the lake and have now stopped for the night at a great spot right on the lake edge. It's beside the yacht club on Lake Taupo.

Lake Taupo is a gorgeous place, and we’d love to spend more time here. There are Cafes all along the lake, lots of shops and beautiful gardens. It's very clean and they even gave us free wifi. Perfect day.


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