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Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is just a perfect part of Australia. This is our second visit, but won't be our last. We surprised my parents with an impromptu visit (their first visit) to Hamilton Island and it really pulled out all the stops. We had a beautiful sunset cruise, swam, sailed and wandered along the sand.

During our sunset sail, we were discussing our work (as you do) with others on the cruise and there was another bookkeeper amongst the group. We got to discussing our industry and she also travels and works. What a great industry to be a part of!

Wifi on the island is terrific, and I find that an early start to the day works best for me, followed by some fun in the sun and a bit more work after lunch. The two trips I've made here have been short (3 nights) with 2 of those days week days. I generally plan ahead a little so that I have a lesser load, and ensure I respond to any urgent work as it comes up.

My favorite thing at the moment is my virtual receptionist, who answers my mobile (while I'm swimming and enjoying my time) and emails me the details of the call. This gives my clients the personal attention they deserve, and allows me to prioritize my tasks when I return to my room to do some work.


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