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Dunedin, New Zealand

We caught the shuttle into Dunedin and had a wander through the market there, then down the street to find where we were supposed to meet the Segway tour we had booked. We found the spot, and then headed in to look at the museum that was close by. We thought it would be good to have some culture on our trip. The museum was beautiful, the building was lovely and very old. Inside, the floors were tiled and there were ornate features and a beautiful staircase and verandah. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the train station, culture that day for us. We headed across the road for a cuppa and a veggie scone, then went back to the spot to pick up the tour.

There were 4 others in our group who had been on a Segway before. We were beginners. We started off in the car park zooming around and then they set up witches hats that we had to manoeuvre around. Once we were ready, off we went to explore Dunedin. We whizzed down the path and the tour guide had a microphone; we had receivers in our vest pockets. So, he told us all about the buildings we were passing. We saw the university and zipped past uni accomodation. We saw their rugby stadium and as we moved through the town the guide pointed out places of interest. Then, we started up a really steep hill. It would have been exhausting to walk up, but we scooted up with no problems. We got to the top and had a terrific view of the city. We could pick out the train station where we started, which was a long way away. We started down the hill, standing toward the back of the Segway so that we slowed down easily.

We whizzed on, through the streets and back to the train station. It was such a great morning and so much fun. I think my legs will be sore tomorrow.

We went back to the market and I bought a beautiful necklace made with paua shell. Then, back on the shuttle to the ship. I worked in my cabin in the afternoon, and then went up to the Sky Lounge to have a wine while we sailed out of Dunedin.

The Captain said we had 5m waves in the storm last night. Hopefully, we don’t get anymore weather like that!


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