Incase we haven't caught up for a while, 

this is where I am right now. 


Starting the day with yoga (it's a bit cliche, but in my case it's quick, I'm batting the dog away as I move and my husband has the coffee machine chugging away in the background). 

Running a business and bookkeeping.  I'm still loving my business and enjoy every single day that I get work. 

Spending time with our sons and their lovely partners.  Sadly our time of visiting vineyards and lunching out has been put on hold due to Covid-19.  Isolation has brought some small rewards and we are enjoying playing board games. 


Cloud App Project Manager for Pure Bookkeeping.  I absolutely love working with bookkeepers across Australia and North America.  

Loving podcasts by other bookkeepers and business owners while I work.  Thanks to The Bookkeepers' Voice and The Successful Bookkeeper.

Still selling books.  If you'd like a copy, head to

Guest panelist on a few webinars for Pure Bookkeeping on different topics; keeping your client manual in cloud software, running a lifestyle business and the Government Stimulus Package related to Covid-19.

Giving micro-loans to Kiva; supporting women who are in business, just like me, who need a boost. 

Learning French (it's a long term thing). 

Walking, wearing a mask and avoiding people. 


Sadly, all our trips have been cancelled for 2020.  We went to  New Zealand in February but have now cancelled Spain, France, Italy, Greece & Montenegro.  Also, goodbye Hamilton Island...but it will be our first trip when we get out of isolation. 

Thinking about.

Writing a course for bookkeepers to learn how to set up Asana, in addition to the one-on-one course I currently offer. 

Not doing. 

Eating meat.

Keeping things I don't use. 

Driving anywhere.  I'm so sad because I love taking the roof off and driving down the peninsula. 

©2017 by Robyn Flynn Large.