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Table and Chair


Incase we haven't caught up for a while, 

this is where I am right now. 


Starting the day with yoga (It's quick).

Running a business and bookkeeping.  I'm still loving my business and enjoy every single day that I get work. Love it. 


Enjoying meeting up with bookkeepers every month and hosting Techy Tuesday for Pure Bookkeeping.  I absolutely love working with bookkeepers across Australia.  (I also love software.  So nerdy, but it's my thing). 

Loving podcasts by other bookkeepers and business owners while I work.  Thanks to ICB and The Successful Bookkeeper.

Still selling books.  If you'd like a copy, head to

Guest panelist on a few webinars for Pure Bookkeeping and The Successful Bookkeeper on different topics; keeping your client manual in cloud software, running a lifestyle business...and my favorite productivity tips. 

Giving micro-loans to Kiva; supporting women who are in business, just like me.

Learning French (it's a long term thing). 

Walking and heading to the gym.  If I don't get to the gym, I could spend all day at my desk and not talk to anybody.  So, it's my time to talk, laugh and move around. 


Planning a cruise.  We need some time without thinking too much, and a cruise ticks this box for us.   

Building a Second Brain.  It's in progress and will never be finished, but I love the planning around it. 

To live overseas for 3-6 months.  We think...France, but maybe Italy.  It won't happen soon but it's in the pipeline. 

Thinking about.

Writing a course, another book, something? 

The property market.  It's interesting times! 

Buying more Longchamp bags.  It's an addiction and I'm not sure what to do. 

Not doing. 

Leaving the gas heater on.  Woah, that last gas bill was crazy. 

Eating meat.  

Buying or keeping things I don't use. (Except Longchamp bags). 

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