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Incase we haven't caught up for a while, 

this is where I am right now. 


Starting the day with yoga (It's quick, I'm batting the dog away as I move and my husband has the coffee machine chugging away in the background). 

Running a business and bookkeeping.  I'm still loving my business and enjoy every single day that I get work. Love it. 


Enjoying work as Cloud App Project Manager for Pure Bookkeeping.  I absolutely love working with bookkeepers across Australia and North America.  (I also love software.  So nerdy, but it's my thing). 

Loving podcasts by other bookkeepers and business owners while I work.  Thanks to The Bookkeepers' Voice and The Successful Bookkeeper.

Still selling books.  If you'd like a copy, head to

Guest panelist on a few webinars for Pure Bookkeeping and The Successful Bookkeeper on different topics; keeping your client manual in cloud software, running a lifestyle business...and my favorite productivity tips. 

Giving micro-loans to Kiva; supporting women who are in business, just like me, who need a boost. 

Learning French (it's a long term thing). 

Walking.  We still have to keep within our 5km zone, but it's nice to get out and about. 


I'm hoping to be accepted as an editor with Kiva as part of the Translation and Editing team.  I'm keen to have an impact on the global community that I'm a part of. 

Planning to spend time with our sons and their lovely partners.  Our time of visiting vineyards and lunching out was put on hold due to Covid-19 but we are hoping to start returning to our favourite venues soon. 

Planning a very short trip to Ballarat.  It's a lovely place (but soooo cold) and we're regular visitors to this lovely part of the country. 

Sadly, all our trips were cancelled for 2020.  We went to  New Zealand in January but cancelled Spain, France, Italy, Greece & Montenegro...and even a trip to see our brand new great-nephew on the Sunshine Coast.  We are planning to meet Austin soon though. 

Later in the year we will be lolling on the beach in Hamilton Island and having cocktails at One Tree Hill.  It's one of our favorite places to relax. Fingers crossed it's not cancelled. 

With Covid impacting so many of our travel plans, we're taking back control!! We will be splitting our time between our home on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and our apartment in the City. We're making plans that can't (fingers crossed) be cancelled. 

Thinking about.

Writing a course, another book, something? 

The property market.  It's interesting times! 

The Biloela Family.  I see my children in these children and would love to see them return to their hometown in Queensland.  

Not doing. 

Heading to the gym each day.  After so long in lockdown, I need to get moving again and I'm looking forward to getting back to breaking up my day with a quick workout. 

Eating meat.  

Buying or keeping things I don't use. 

Going to the movies.  I think we'll stick to the drive-inn for a while. 

Shopping in stores.  It's online shopping for now.  We get so excited when a parcel arrives. 

Sadly, my most recent trip to Sydney to join the celebrations for the Australian Accounting Awards was cancelled.  I'm honored to be mentioned in the top 10 bookkeepers in Australia and cheered on my peers from the comfort of home. 

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